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26079 Oklahoma 82
Park Hill, OK, 74451
United States

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Keys Tire, Lube & Auto Repair in Park Hill Oklahoma is an ASE Certified shop specializing in quality bed liners, brakes and more. We are a full service tire shop and vehicle repair facility. 

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Auto Repair Shop In Tahlequah Oklahoma

We are the premier auto repair shop in Tahlequah, Oklahoma specializing in new and used tires for cars and large trucks, brakes, alignments, oil changes and much more. Our ASE certified shop can complete engine overhauils and almost anything related to automobile repair.

Looking for a repair shop in Keys, OK? Having to deal with unexpected automobile repairs is really the last thing you really want to do with your day. Not only does this take a chunk of time out of your day, you will need to deal with the unexpected costs of everything as well. When you need high-quality repair that won’t break the bank, your one-stop car repair shop is Keys Tire, Lube & Auto Repair.

After all, aside from making a decision about what car or truck investment to make, the next most important auto decision you will have to make is where to get your vehicle repairs done. When you entrust your vehicle’s condition to someone else, you are putting your life and your loved ones’ lives in their hands. This is why you want to ensure that you get the best possible services and maintenance from the most capable shop in town.

This is where Keys Tire Lube & Auto Repair comes in. Whether you need tires or brakes, a small town, family-owned business like us understands the importance of family and caring for each others’ lives. Your vehicle safety is our priority as we understand that you are quite literally putting your life in our hands.

In addition, we understand that building a good mechanic-client relationship will benefit everyone in the long run. Your mechanic will soon understand your budget and preferences. At the same time, as a client you will know exactly where to go anytime you need to have your car repaired, giving you a completely hassle-free experience.

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About Us

We are a family-owned and operated business that values repeat business and above all, trust. We like to have fun at work and at the same time, provide the best services possible. We believe in honesty and transparency because at this point we realize how important repeat business really is in the long run. Here at Keys Tire, you can expect fair prices, honest services and repair jobs that are done perfectly right each and every time. In fact, we pride ourselves in the fact that our repair services are so thorough, our customers don’t need to come back for repeat jobs anytime soon.

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The Keys Tire Difference

Our Specialties
  • 4x4 lift kits
  • shocks and struts
  • muffler & exhaust services
  • brakes
  • engine work
  • AC repair
  • truck accessories and parts
  • truck repair
  • tire replacement & balancing
  • rear and front differentials
  • alignments
  • transmission repair
  • oil and fluid changes
  • spray on bed liners
  • check engine light diagnostics
  • ASE certified mechanic shop

(918) 207-0888

All the work your car or truck needs will be accomplished by a team of expert, professional technicians with ASE Certification. No matter what your truck or car requires, our team has the skills and the latest, most cutting-edge tools to do all the repairs in a short amount of time. In other words, your vehicle is in good hands. ASE Certification ensures that each mechanic and technician that works on your vehicle has an area of expertise. If your mechanic has completed all available certifications of ASE, this means that they are knowledgeable about every aspect of vehicle repair. Why look anywhere else? At Keys, you will most likely have less wait time and a more skilled set of hands handling your vehicle repair than if you want to a dealership.

Being a small town shop located near Tahlequah in Park Hill, Oklahoma, we understand the value of providing good services to the community we are a part of. Not only are we able to focus on our customers, we get to know them on a different level than if we operated in a big city. We support the Tahlequah community and participate in local issues because as long standing residents here, we care about our town.

For this reason, you know that we always put our best foot forward. It is even more important for businesses in a small town to do their best job each and every time. Unlike an anonymous metropolitan city where no one really knows everyone else, the opposite is true for Keys. As a repair shop in Park Hill, we know many of our customers by name and each one knows our working style and ethics. They know that when there is car or truck trouble, we are the number on their speed-dial. We are a true benefit to the community as we hire locally and buy from local suppliers. As we thrive, the community thrives along with us.

Another benefit of being based in the small town of Keys is that we know all the front roads and the back roads like the back of our hand. In other words, if you need roadside assistance or can’t get your car to start on a back road somewhere, we know exactly how to get to you. Also, we are familiar with the terrain of the entire town and the weather conditions. We are able to anticipate when and where you will need us the most. We are proud to be called your one stop car or truck repair and bed liner shop. We love our own and we know that with the honesty and transparency we put out there, Tahlequah is glad to call us their own. You will probably feel the difference between our small town sense of community the moment you walk in the door. This is particularly true if you are used to the big city.

Our Customers

The reason we've been in business so long is our new and loyal customers that come to see us from all over Oklahoma. We think folks come back because they trust us to give them a fair price, be transparent and do great work. Some of our customers come to us from:

  • Muskogee
  • Lake Tenkiller & Vian
  • Zeb
  • Indian Road
  • Tahlequah
  • Keys
  • Park Hill
  • Cookson

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